Welcome Tanga Sales Point

 ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Tanga Sales Point officially was launched in 1990 where it was operating as Tanga zone servicing all health facilities within Tanga Region, Same, Mwanga and Simanjiro Districts. Due to operations changes in 2014 Medical Stores Department transformed Tanga Zone to Tanga Sales Point where by its under the supervision of Moshi Strategic Business Unit (SBU). It is among the two MSD Sales points, recently it has total number of 15 employees including; Logistics, Pharmacies, Accounts, Sales, Customer Services specialists as well as Drivers.

Distribution Coverage

It serves about 269 Health facilities within the Region and 115 Health Facilitie from Mwanga, Same and Simanjiro districts in Moshi. It has one specialized Hospital (Lutindi Mental Hospital) at Korogwe district, One Referall Hospital ( Bombo Hospital), Four District Hospitals (Korogwe, Handeni, Pangani and Lushoto. and two District Designated Hospital (Muheza and Kilindi DDHs).
Tanga Sales Point also serves FBO, Private health facilities, NGO facilities such as St. Fransis, St. Rafael, Institute of Judicial Administration, Muheza Medical Research etc. In this financial year MSD is constructing a modern Warehouse—In - a — Box (WiB) at Pongwe industrial area in Tanga City council so as to increase storage space and create a conducive environment for medicines and medical supplies storage.

Roles of Tanga Sales Point

  1. To raise quarterly transfer order to Central Warehouse according to our forecasts.
  2. To receive consignment of medicines and medical supplies twice per month from headquarters warehouse (Dar-es-salaam) in a good condition.
  3. To store medicines and medical supplies received according to SOP. (Standard operation Procedure)
  4. To supervise the distribution according to customers' requirements. By picking, processing, packing, and dispatching.
  5. Attend ILS customers to all facilities which receive medicines and medical supplies in a circle four times


  1. Is communicating with customers through emails, telephones, whatsup group which named Wadau Muhimu msd Tanga, customer visit and
  2. open door to our Office as well as conducting stakeholders meeting once per year.
  3. Works hand in hand with its stake holders to make sure all medicines and medical supplies are available at all times. This done through Direct Delivery to all ILS facilities, Hospitals and other registered customers including cash customers through cash account.
  4. Direct Delivery (DD) is done to all Hospitals six times and four times to all other health facilities per year.
  5. Deals with Vertical Program to customers including Arvs, TB and Leprosy, Lab, Family planning and malaria commodities.
  6. Attends registered Customers such as Faith Birth Organizations (FBOs) and Institutions.
  7. Receive complaints and solve accordingly.
  8. Manages, controls mitigates all risks which hinder its achievements.

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