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 Mtwara zone was established in 1994 as cost centre serving Southern part of Tanzania which includes Lindi and Mtwara Regions as well as Tunduru District in Ruvuma Region. In financial year 2013/2014 it was transformed into Strategic Business Unit (SBU). There are a number of drivers that lead MSD to transform Mtwara zone to Strategic Business Unit (SBU). These include; Health sector reform, Vertical program logistical integration, Direct Delivery (DD) system, increasingly competitive market, growth of MSD in terms of facility needs and branching out and the urge to achieve an optimal match between strategy and structure.Mtwara Zone has total number of 21 employees including; Logistics, Pharmacies, Accounts, Sales, Customer Services specialists as well as Drivers.

Distribution Coverage

Lindi and Mtwara Regions as well as Tunduru District in Ruvuma Region

Strategically intended

  1. To be an accessible seller and distributor of Medicines and Medical Supplies of right quality, price, quantity and at right time offering superior services to Lindi and Mtwara Regions as well as Tunduru District in Ruvuma Region
  2. To be a center of excellence for health commodities supply chain in Mtwara and Lindi regions offering the best storage and distribution services closer to our customers.
  3. To improve sells and distributions of health commodities through good leadership, establishing distribution schedule, timely order fulfilment, enhance communication to customers,
  4. To improve service to our customers through shortens lead-time, increase stock availability, quality health commodities and stabilized working ERP System.
  5. In expansion of market, retain existing customers, revive dormant customers and enhance customers /stakeholders.


  1. Distribute medicines and medical supplies to Health facilities in Lindi and Mtwara Regions as well as Tunduru District in Ruvuma Region.
  2. Communicate with customers and provide information on the products availability.
  3. Attend customers' complaints of the two regions and one district in time.
  4. Carry out market survey and advice on the rationality of MSD price catalogue for medicine and medical supplies.
  5. Promote sales of dormant and obsolete items and communicate new arrivals to customers.
  6. Provide Logistics and Support Services to customers.
  7. Sourcing special orders and follow up after sales services.
  8. Enhance compliance to delivery schedule and order fulfilment.
  9. Improve lead time and reduce order processing time.
  10. Ensure timely completion of transaction in the system to improve stock integrity.


  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction
  2. Enhance Financial Position
  3. Reduce Costs
  4. Increase Sales Revenue and Market Share
  5. Improve Service Delivery
  6. Enhance Compliance
  7. Improve Customer Service
  8. Improve Use of Technology
  9. Improve Employees Welfare
  10. Strengthen Staff Motivation


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