What we do?

As core fundamentals of our business, MSD has served the nation for more than 25 years and continue to innovate different initiatives in our supply chain system. MSD shares ideas with all our stakeholders to ensure that their concerns are consistently understood and addressed to MSD developments. Procurement procedures are adhered and implemented; MSD is the largest importer of which 80% of medicines, 90% of medical supplies and 100% laboratory supplies are imported from different countries across the world. MSD continues to collaborate with private sector to open local manufacturing facilities as provided in Public Private Partnership Act, 2010. MSD envisages that this will enable MSD and the country at large to source essential medicines and medical supplies locally and therefore reduce importation costs and lead-time as well as storage costs.

The Modern Warehouse—in—a Box [WiB] infrastructures with modern working tools across the country have pushed MSD to Centre of Excellence [CoE]. The WiB are constructed using international standards, which enable MSD to have ultra-modern warehouses with vast storage space. The WiB are not only huge but also incorporate necessary supply chain storage infrastructure such as racks, cold chain, packaging unit and office space. MSD recognizes the importance of basic logistics and transportation it ensures that its modern fleets are excellently maintained. MSD highly motivated team of distribution whose bedrock the Mission led to change of distribution strategy to Direct Delivery. Currently all deliveries of medicines, medical supplies and laboratory reagents are made directly to all health facilities in the entire country. The system has registered tremendous improvements in terms of timely service delivery, order fill rate, quality and accurate documentation, which have in turn led to increased customer satisfaction.









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